Anti Fraud Policy at Bet365

In line with Bet365’s goal of safeguarding user privacy and regulating our business and offering a higher level of gambling services, we have developed an anti-fraud policy to combat fraud and any other illegal activity. As a consequence, we are developing new services using the latest technology to detect suspicious activity on our official website. For further insight into our anti-fraud policy, you can refer to the Bet365 terms and conditions which are generally available on the platform.

Thus, any illegal activity is unacceptable and we do our best to prevent it and keep our customers safe.

Anti Fraud policy of Bet365 bookie in India

Website Usage 

Our official website may only be used by customers for entertainment purposes, namely for betting on sporting events and using gaming products.

Following our anti-fraud policy, you may not use the online platform for personal gain, for the benefit of a third party, or for any other unlawful, illegal defamatory, or offensive purposes.

If dishonest or inappropriate behavior or any fraudulent activity is detected, we are fully entitled to apply criminal and contractual sanctions to our customers. We may freeze or cancel accounts, block game profiles, withhold payment and apply any other sanctions if we suspect any suspicious activity. It is the client’s responsibility to reimburse us if any claims arise.

Unacceptable Actions

The anti-fraud, inappropriate and unacceptable user behavior policy prevents the following actions:

If we detect any of the above or other malicious activity, we will take the necessary steps to exclude you. If you become aware of any fraudulent behavior on Bet365 online website, you should contact the Site Administration immediately.