Online esports betting at Bet365

We offer you the chance to bet on a wide range of Bet365 eSports disciplines in Pre-match or Live Mode and provide you with all the options you need to bet.

Learn in detail about Bet365 esports disciplines and tournaments we offer. You will also find out how to start betting on eSports for real money and get some useful tips from our analysts!

Legal eSports betting on Bet365 platform in India

How to start Bet365 esports betting?

Getting started with betting on eSports with Bet365 is very easy. We have prepared a short step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to the bookie website and register a new account;
  2. Click on the deposit button and choose any payment method;
  3. Select the esport match you are interested in by clicking on it:
  4. Select the market on the match page;
  5. Enter your bet amount in the special window and confirm it.

The payout of winnings is automatic and this will happen as soon as the match is over. All your active bets are displayed in your personal cabinet.

How to start Bet365 esports betting in India

Assortment of Bet365 eSports Games

We have more than 10 eSports Disciplines to bet on. Each match has its own page, which will be filled with a huge selection of markets. You will be able to read all the most important statistics and information about the teams. You will also be able to watch live matches of any tournament, both little-known and major tournaments, absolutely free of charge.

The following bet365 esports betting disciplines are available for you:

  • StarCraft II;
  • CS:GO;
  • LOL (League of Legends);
  • DOTA2;
  • Esoccer;
  • Ebasketball;
  • Eicehockey;
  • COD (Call of Duty);
  • PUBG;
  • WOW (World of Warcraft);
  • Rocket League;
  • Rainbow Six;
  • King of Glory;
  • Wild Rift;
  • Mobile Legends;
  • Settlement of Wagers.

Bet365 assortment of eSports games on which Indian players can bet

Dota 2

With us you can bet on any Dota 2 tournament – The International, Major, ESL, DPC and more. In doing so, we will offer you a huge selection of markets in every match:

  • Winner;
  • Total Kills;
  • Correct Map Score;
  • Total Towers;
  • Total Roshans;
  • Total Barracks;
  • Team Totals;
  • First Blood and others.

At bet365 you can bet on popular Dota 2 matches


Bettors who prefer to bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive will also find all the official world tournaments – Major, ESL, Intel Extreme Masters, Global Esports Tour, etc. The choice of markets is also rich and every user will find interesting opportunities:

  • Match Winner;
  • Map Winner;
  • Total Rounds;
  • Total Kills;
  • First Kill;
  • Handicap;
  • Winner Round;
  • Overtime, etc.

Bet365 players have the opportunity to bet on CS:GO, as well as watch live broadcasts


You can bet on all the major Bet365 FIFA esports tournaments on our website and in the bet365 app:

  • FIFAe Club World Cup;
  • Nations Cup;
  • U-20 World Cup;
  • U-17 World Cup;
  • Futsal World Cup and more.

Each match will be filled with different markets – winner of the match, number of goals, corners, number of attacks, etc.

At bet365 you can bet on popular FIFA tournaments

League of Legends (LOL)

If you prefer to win in League of Legends betting, you can be sure to find every official tournament taking place across the globe – World Championships, PCS, CBLOL, TCL and more. The choice of markets is also quite extensive:

  • The winner of the match;
  • First Dragon to appear;
  • Quadra / Penta kill;
  • Total Kills;
  • Correct Match Score;
  • Handicap, etc.

With Bet365 bookie you can make bets on matches of League of Legends

eSports Betting Tips

In esport, it is very easy to analyze all possible statistics. These are stats for kills in a Dota 2 match, or stats for hits in CS:GO for a particular player. It is because of this that this type of betting is very popular among sports analysts. We have compiled the best bet365 esports tips that will greatly increase your chances of winning.

eSports betting tips for winning on Bet365 bookie platform

Study the statistics

In any eSports game you can keep track of literally every detail. You can find out which MOBA heroes a player prefers, you can check hit stats for shooters or successful clutches. Bet365 esports bets stats also include details about the two teams’ encounters and many other data to help you better predict the winning outcome.

Study the Team and its Roster

It is very important to understand the team’s current form, recent games. Also in cyber sports substitutions are very common and sometimes they can be used for only one match, nevertheless it can make a big difference in the game.

Pay Attention to the Level of the Tournament

A team that has recently won a big prize pool in a Major tournament is unlikely to try too hard, or reveal new strategies in tournaments with low prize pools. That being said, these tournaments are a chance for underdog teams to prove themselves, so their level of motivation will definitely influence the outcome of the matches.

Pay Attention to the Match Format

There are different match formats, such as Best of 1, Best of 2, Best of Three. If only one match is played, the outcome can be unpredictable, as one mistake by one team can be decisive. In a three-match series, the favorite is most likely to win.

Pay Attention to Tournament Format

Dota 2, CS:GO, FIFA, LoL and other disciplines have tournaments where players have to win a certain number of matches to advance from elimination to the main tournament stage. That’s why it’s important to understand for which team the match you’re interested in is more important.

Popular Questions

What are the bet365 esports rules for betting for real money?

Anyone from India over the age of 18 can start betting on any esports match.

Can I watch live matches on Bet365?

Yes, any authorized user can watch live matches for free. You can access the broadcast on the page of the match you are interested in. You will also see the bet365 esports results in the special field, it shows all the important statistics about what happened in the match.

Is there any kind of welcome bet365 esports bonus?

Yes, every new user from India can get an additional 15% on their deposit up to INR 4,000 to their balance.