Online Horse Racing Betting at Bet365

On our site, Indian players can bet on international and regional tournaments and matches in many sports, including Bet365 horse racing. On the official platform, you will have access to different types of bets, upcoming races, and Bet365 horse racing results. 

Don’t miss the Bet365 Cheltenham Festival betting, which you will find on our website very soon.

Detailed information about Horse racing betting on Bet365 in India

How To Place Bets On Horse Racing at Bet365?

We offer some of the best Bet365 horse racing odds, so many Indian players get big winnings when they bet on our site. 

To access Bet365 horse racing today as well as upcoming tournaments for betting, you need to register:

  1. Visit the official website or download bet365 app apk;
  2. Click on the registration button;
  3. Create an account, specifying the requested personal information;
  4. Refill your account by selecting the transaction method and deposit amount;
  5. Go to Bet365 horse race;
  6. Choose an event;
  7. Enter the amount and place your bet.

The bet made will be displayed in the user’s cabinet, and after the end of the race, you will receive your winnings automatically. Thus, on the site, you will be able to place a Bet365 Cheltenham bet and view the odds of the upcoming matches, as well as the results of the completed ones.

How to place bets on horce racing at Bet365 in India

Bonuses For Horse Racing Bets

For true Bet365 Indian horse racing fans, we offer to take part in unique promotions on our platform. All players without exception have the opportunity to get bonuses, thanks to which you will get new emotions and additional winnings. See all of the current offers in the list below.

Bonuses for horse racing bets at Bet365

Best Odds Guaranteed

As part of this promotion, you can bet on any Bet365 race. If your choice is correct, we guarantee a payout at higher odds. 

The main terms and conditions of the promotion are:

  • Only single and express bets, Board Prices, and Showcast, where there is a fixed price, are included;
  • Available for all races where there are bets to win;
  • For new and eligible customers only;
  • Available for bets on the Standard Market with fixed odds ” Win” and “Each Way”.

It is important to note that we have the full and exclusive right to make changes to this bonus offer.

Price Promise

Place a coveted bet at the best price on any race involving any Bet365 horses with fixed odds of “Win” and “Each Way”. In this case, the promotion is valid from 10.00, where you need to place your bet no later than 15 before the time the race is turned off, broadcast live on ITV Racing.

The main conditions are:

  • Only for markets with fixed Bet365 horses odds “Win” and “Each Way”;
  • New and eligible customers only;
  • U.S. racing excluded.

We have the right to return bonus winnings if they have been awarded in error.

Racing Value

We offer payouts to Indian bettors for a selected disqualified horse Bet365. 

The main terms and conditions of the promotion are:

  • Double result offer for disqualified horse and winner applies to Ante-Post, Every Way Extra, Enhanced Win, predictions, tricasts, no placement bets, cover, only placements;
  • If the race does not happen, we will refund any bets previously placed;
  • Bets placed before the market is deleted or updated will be calculated according to the terms of the Enhanced Place.

It is important to note that the offer does not apply to the Tote and Colossus bets and To Be Placed markets.

Other bonuses for players who bets on horse racing at Bet365

Each Way Extra

By participating in this promotion, you can to increase or decrease the number of places in races. Thus, it is your choice to add additional places to bets on Each Way races and receive a reduced price or to remove them and increase the odds. 

To access it, you need to:

  1. Select the Each Way Extra tab in the Bet365 racecards header to see additional place conditions;
  2. Select the price and number of places to make them appear in your coupon.

Available only on single bets on selected races before the start. Under extended conditions, the best odds guarantee does not apply to the Bet365 Cheltenham race card and others.

My Horses

With this exciting offer, you can create a stable of your favorite Bet365 horses and receive notifications before their upcoming races. You can also track stats and results by adding notes, as well as track the horses’ form. Select the “Alerts” icon to stay informed about upcoming Bet365 Grand National races or other events.

Additional bonuses for betting on horse racing at Bet365

Horse Racing Bet Types at Bet365 

For Bet365 horse racing on our platform, there are many betting options with the best odds available, which can be found in the relevant section.

The main types of bets at the moment are:

  • Each Way;
  • Enhanced Win;
  • Cover Bet 2/3/4 Places;
  • Place Only/ 1-2/ 1-2-3 Betting;
  • Not to Be Placed;
  • Betting Without;
  • Dead-Hearts;
  • Favorites;
  • Forecast Betting;
  • Forecast Doubles/Trebles/Patents/Yankees;
  • Tricast.

So, the choice is great, so you can safely choose the right option and bet on Bet365 Cheltenham racing or other events.

Main Horse racing bet types at Bet365

Popular Horse Race Tournaments

On our website, it is possible to bet on the most popular international and regional tournaments Bet365 racing. You will be able to follow what is happening in the live broadcast mode. It is also recommended to turn on alerts, so you won’t miss long-awaited tournaments.

Bet365 players can make bets on popular horse racing tournaments

Melbourne Cup

Annual race in Australia, a 3200-meter distance for horses three years of age and older. The tournament is held as part of the Spring Carnival in Melbourne by the Victoria Racing Club. It starts on the first Tuesday of November and lasts for a week.

Kentucky Derby

A tournament has been held on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs since 1875. A competition for three-year-old horses. The next event is expected on May 6, 2023, where you can also bet on Bet365.

You can bets on melburne cup, and kentucky derby at Bet365

Royal Ascot

The event is held annually on Tuesday of the third week in June. The main prize is the Gold Cup, which requires a distance of more than 4000 meters. This tournament is only for thoroughbred horses.

Dubai World Cup

A thoroughbred horse race in Dubai where your winnings can exceed all expectations. The event is held on the first Saturday of the world, where Arabian horses are the first to compete. All participants are carefully selected to compete at the Meydan Hippodrome.

Bet365 players can bet on a variety of horse racing tournaments

Bet365 Cheltenham Races

The Cheltenham Gold Cup has been held annually in England since 1924. Horses have to overcome 22 hedge barriers over a distance of 5200 meters. There are also Bet365 Cheltenham Races available on our platform, where you can bet on your favorite racehorses.

In 2023, there are already 5 horses to look for at the festival:

  • Constitution Hill;
  • Facile Vega;
  • Exciting Galopin;
  • Vauban;
  • A-Plus.

All of the horses listed above are clear contenders for the Bet365 Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup in 2023, so don’t miss your chance and make the right decision.

Bet365 players can make bets on popular Cheltenham races tournament

Horse Racing Betting Tips

To increase your chances of making a profit when betting on racing, you need to use some strategies as well as consider your awareness in this matter.

We will prepare some Bet365 horse racing tips to make your game more likely to be successful:

  • Consider the Age of the horse. Younger horses are often more successful over shorter distances. Horses with experience turn out to be long-distance favorites;
  • Study a horse’s Parameters. Find out the horse’s weight, handling, and recent tournament results;
  • Jockey. You should also research the jockey’s career and experience;
  • Learn the weather conditions. Carefully study the upcoming weather forecast, namely temperature, wind strength, and atmospheric pressure;
  • Study the literature. Many publications of countries where tournaments are held often release forecasts and tips from experts.

Thus, success in this sport is due to many factors, but taking them into account you can develop your strategy and win.

Horse racing betting tips for winning at Bet365

Popular questions

What Is The Race To 10 Runs In Bet365?

This is a race of up to 10 runs, where bets are valid regardless of who gets the first points. If neither participant reaches 10 runs, the winner will be the “Neither” option.

What Happens To The Bet In Case Of A False Start?

In case of a false start that results in a re-run, bets will be returned to the horses that did not take part in the race again.

How to Get The Best Odds Guaranteed?

Guaranteed best odds are available to all new customers for every horse race and include single and multiple bets, “Win” and “Each Way”, Showcast, and Board Prices.