Live Casino Bet365 – Bonus up to $1,500

Bet365 has an excellent range of live casino games available for users to watch via live streaming and place their bets. You can play with us completely legally, as we are regulated by the state of Gibraltar and licensed by eCOGRA.

On this page we would like to give you all the details about live casino bet365, sharing information about the available games and also a guide on how to get started and win real money at them!

Bet365 live casino with live croupiers in India

How to Start Playing Bet365 Live Casino?

It’s easy to start betting and winning in our real-time games and for your convenience, we have prepared clear step-by-step instructions:

  1. Register with Bet365;
  2. Select a game with live dealer;
  3. Place bets by interacting with the live stream in a simple virtual betting panel.

Before start playing in bet365 live casino you need create an account

New Players Bonus

We have developed two casino entertainment bonuses for our new players from India. Unfortunately, we don’t have any programs specifically for Live Casino at the moment, but if you also prefer slots, they will definitely be useful to you.

Here are the terms and conditions of each:

  • New Players Free Spins Bonus. This bonus will allow you to spin roulette with free spins for 3 days. With this roulette bonus you can get between 5 and 20 free spins per spin. Each spin will be worth $0.1, and you can always withdraw anything you win as there are no wagering requirements. You need to make a deposit of $10 (INR 800) to take part;
  • Drops and Wins Bonus. Spin any amount of qualifying slots from $0.5 and you could get up to an additional $1,500 added to your balance. There is a prize pool which is randomly allocated to all players. The money is available for withdrawal as soon as you receive it.

Bet365 has prepared two bonuses for live casino players from India

Best games with Live Dealers

At bet365 Live Casino we’ve added a range of classic live casino entertainment with live dealers and you can watch everything via live streaming. To give you an idea of what you’ll find, we’ll tell you a little about each game.

Best games at Bet365 live casino with live dealers


Here you can play classic roulette, which holds 18 red fields, 18 black fields and one green field – the zero. The betting options are also classic, allowing you to choose the colour of the field, parity, different ranges or a specific number.

The bets are placed through a virtual roulette field. The RTP for this game is 97.30%.

At bet365 live casino you will find in many different roulette


This is a classic card game where each card has a value and the player’s task is to put together a combination of 21, or as close to that number as possible, but no higher. The dealer must have a card combination of a lower value than yours in order to win. Whoever draws more than 21 will lose.

You take a seat at the gaming table by clicking on the broadcast, then place your bets. There are also appropriate buttons to draw an extra card. According to various sources the RTP of this game ranges from 97.15% to 99.54%.

Players bet365 live casino offers several types of Blackjack

Spin a Wheel

The dealer in this game spins a large wheel consisting of fields with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40. The smaller the number, the more of these numbers on the playing field, i.e. there are many more ones than fives. There are also multipliers “x2” and “x7”.

Winning bets are paid according to the numbers, i.e. a winning bet on a field with the number 10 will return your bet, and the winnings will be 10x of it.

If a field with multiplication is hit, the wheel spins again and your winnings will be multiplied. The RTP for this game is 97.22%.

Spin a Wheel at Bet365 live casino in India


Baccarat is a classic Live Casino card game in which the user chooses which of the two sides wins – the player or the banker. The cards also have their value, and the side with the higher value of the cards collected wins. If there is a draw and you bet on either side, the bet will return to your balance.

The RTP for this game is 98.98%.

At bet365 live casino you will find in many different Baccarat


Hi-lo is a very simple card game for real money, where a card chosen at random is placed in the center of the playing table. Users have to guess whether the card drawn by the dealer will be higher or lower in value. If you guess, you win. The odds of winning depend on which card is on the table. The RTP in this game is between 96% and 98%.

Siple card game Hi-Lo at Bet365 live casino

3 Card Bag

It’s a three-card stud poker game with a fairly simple mechanism. In order to qualify for a hand, you need to place a bet. When you see your cards, you can also place an extra bet if you are sure of the strength of the hand. The dealer’s cards are then revealed, and if his hand is worse, you win. The RTP in this game ranges from 95.51% to 96.63%.

3 Card Bag game at Bet365 live casino in India

Benefits of Live Casino Bet365

At Live Casino we’ve tried to make it easy for you to play and win at all times, and we’ve achieved this because of the following benefits:

  • Live streaming runs smoothly and the music and visuals are pleasing to the eye;
  • You can place your bets quickly and easily by interacting with the game broadcast or the virtual table;
  • It is easy to manage your betting size;
  • You can view your betting history as well as the history of previous rounds such as Roulette, Spin A Wheel or Hi-lo;
  • A license from eCOGRA confirms the transparency of our LIVE casino;
  • Bonuses for new players;
  • The opportunity to receive up to 60 free spins, as well as up to $1,500 to your balance as part of casino promotions for our users.

Key benefits of Live Casino Bet365 for players from India

Live casino for mobile & tablets

You can use our mobile website to play on your mobile device. The interface is simplified and optimized for easy navigation and a fast betting process. 

In addition, every user from India can download the Bet365 Live Casino mobile app for Android and iOS completely free of charge. Due to the fact Bet365 app comes pre-installed with all the graphics and pictures, it works as fast as possible.

On both platforms you will be able to register, manage deposits and withdrawals, make bets, watch live stream rounds and win.

To play on all of our platforms, a user only needs to have one Bet365 account.

Live casino bet365 has special mobile application

Bet365 Live casino RTP Percentage

RTP stands for “Return to Player” and is a ratio expressed as a percentage. This is what is known as the wagering ratio, which shows what percentage of the money will be returned to the player over the course of the game. The average RTP is calculated from one million bets placed by all players. Each game has its own RTP and in LIVE casino games the odds and probability of winning often depend on the player’s choice as he decides whether to draw an extra card in Blackjack, which field of Roulette to bet on, etc.

Bet365 Live casino RTP Percentage

Popular Questions

What to do if i Lost connection during a Live Dealer game?

If you have placed a bet and then your internet fails, it will be accepted successfully. If you lose your connection, the best way to resolve this issue is to restart your internet and reconnect to your account.

Can I play real-time games through the Bet365 Live Casino application?

Yes, the mobile app will also have a handy virtual dashboard in front of you so you can bet and win.

Do I need a separate account to play bet365 casino live?

No, one account is sufficient for betting, slots and live casino games on all of our platforms.

Can I use INR for my bets?

Yes, you will have no problem placing bets in INR, as it is one of the main currencies at bet365.