Bet365 Responsible Gaming principles

Responsible gaming is an important aspect of playing comfortably and earning real money at Bet365.

Our company adheres to the necessary rules and believes that playing responsibly is also part of our mission.

Detailed information about responsible gaming at Bet365 platform

Safe gambling

On our platform, we have special tools and features to help make your game safer, namely:

This way, the company carefully monitors your activity, so it’s always ready to offer help if you need it.

If you discover a gambling addiction or think you are susceptible to it, you can fill out a Self-Assessment questionnaire to identify the problems, if you have.

Responsible Gambling Tips

For you to be more responsible about betting at Bet365 and not become addicted to gambling, we have prepared some tips:

Before you start the game, be sure to consider these tips to stay sane and follow the rules of responsible gambling.

Gambling Addiction 

Gambling addiction is the result of extreme gaming behavior, which can lead to serious problems in personal affairs, family or friendships, work, and other aspects of life. This is a serious problem that disturbs many people’s lives, which is why Bet365 specialists are always ready to provide the necessary assistance.

The main signs of addiction are:

Remember, the site has a self-exclusion feature that you can use as soon as you notice problems. A self-assessment test will help identify if there is an addiction.